Trinity  College Dublin Scholarships is an academic opportunity for you and your academic colleague, the financial impact of covid 19 is still affecting the overall economy of the world, therefore sourcing for tuition fees funds lookalike an uphill task for many students. 

Trinity College Dublin is has seen the predicaments of you in your academics, and have budgeted more funds to sponsor students with financial needs. The fund will be awarded annually till your graduation period. See also BUTEX Scholarship 2021/2021 For International Undergraduates Students | How To Apply

One of the aims of Trinity College Dublin Scholarships is to make sure you have maximum concentration all through your studies and you maintain high academic performance, it is believed that you will develop and accomplish your academic goals when the financial obligations of your studies are taken away from you.

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Scholarship 2020 for international Students

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Scholarship 2020 for international Students

This year Trinity College Dublin Academic Year Study Abroad Excellence Scholarship will be awarded to you if you demonstrate academic excellence in your studies. The college objective is to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. See also Bangor University Stem Scholarship 2021/2022 For Women In Stem Scholarship

About Trinity College Dublin Scholarships 

The  Trinity College scholarship is one of the renowned scholarships in the world, it was founded many years ago with the objectives to help you and many desiring students to achieve greatness in academics, more especially, in science and technology, business and the financial sector.

Host Institution:                                               Trinity College Dublin

Field of Study:                                                   All accredited courses 

Level:                                                                  Postgraduates studies 

Target Group:                                                     International Students

Deadline                                                             April 15 for Michaelmas Term and Academic Year Study Abroad, and October 15 for Hilary Term Study Abroad.

Scholarship Value 

Trinity College Dublin Scholarships value is estimated at over €3,000 per annum and it is renewable if you continue to maintain high academic performance. the scholarship will continue till the end of your studies, and it will be enough to pay your bills.

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is only available to students who meet the eligibility criteria and to be eligible you must possess the following:

  • You must Apply to Trinity as an undergraduate study abroad student, i.e. coming to Trinity for a full year for transfer credit from their home university in a non-EU country.
  • You must apply for admission to study abroad at Trinity via this link here. Also note that Scholarship students must meet all minimum entry requirements, including the minimum GPA of 3.3.
  • You submit a complete scholarship application, per the guidelines below within the deadline period.
How to apply

Students must submit a personal statement of 750 words and academic transcript to: before the deadline, with the email subject line of

  • Academic Year Study Abroad Excellence Scholarship’.
  • Students must also include their name,
  • Home institution,
  • Area of study,
  • Study abroad provider (if applicable), and
  • Confirm that they are not coming to Trinity via exchange.

You can apply for this scholarship on this port

Please read the application guideline properly before making your applications.