Warwick Manufacturing Group formerly known as Warwick Manufacturing Group – was founded in 1980 at the University Of Warwick UK in order to revive UK manufacturing through the use of revolutionary research and effective technology knowledge transfer. WMG provides a range of education and research opportunities through its partnerships in areas such as:- See also Unicaf 2020 University Scholarship Programme For Students

  • Hybrid automotive technology 

    Warwick Manufacturing Group Scholarship 2020-2021

  • Robotics
  • Visualisation
  • Product perception
  • E-security
  • Materials
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Business process design.

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Research projects are devoted to finding solutions to real world problems and students benefit from first-hand understanding of the issues facing modern industry and technology. See also Government of Ireland Scholarships 2020/21 for Nigeria and African Students

WMG offers highly rated outstanding teachings and all courses are approved by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Undergraduate degrees enable students to benefit from a range of expertise and facilities, while postgraduate programmes attract high talented students who want to make an impact either in

  • Business,
  • Engineering,
  • Technology,
  • Management

Warwick Manufacturing Group is glad to announce that it will be awarding over £750,000 in scholarships and bursaries to students commencing study on full-time MSc programmes taught within the WMG department at Warwick, beginning in October 2020. See also Fully Funded Mastercard UCT 2020/2021 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship for African Students

Warwick Manufacturing Group Excellence Scholarships are merit-based awards, available on a competitive basis for young talented students who are willing to make impact to their immediate and global communities. see also Scholarships at Brunel University London for Students Across the Globe (2020)

Warwick Manufacturing Group Applications will be judged on past academic achievement, professional experience, reasons for study, and your vision for the future. Warwick Manufacturing Group Excellence Scholarships are awarded on a % discount of the tuition fees, with awards ranging from 10% to 50% tuition fee discount.  

Warwick Manufacturing Group Scholarship Eligibility

  • You must hold an offer to study on a Warwick Manufacturing Group full-time MSc course starting October 2020.
  • You should have an excellent academic track-record and/or strong professional profile in order to qualify.
  • For conditional offer-holders, scholarship awards will also be conditional on achieving the awardee’s final predicted grade.
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group Excellence Scholarships are for self-funded students only.

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Students with partial bursaries on scholarship-loan schemes or partially funded by an external organisation may also be considered. Awardees should inform the scholarship committee if they are in receipt of another scholarship or are later awarded other funding.

  • Warwick Manufacturing Group Excellence Scholarships are awarded for study on UK full-time MSc programmes only.
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group Excellence Scholarships are paid towards tuition fees only and cannot be paid in cash or towards accommodation or maintenance costs.
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group will award WMG Excellence Scholarships across all WMG full-time MSc programmes to optimise nationality and gender diversity.
  • application as early as possible.

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Warwick Manufacturing Group reserves the right to amend the number and value of WMG Excellence Scholarships awarded

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