Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford  is an ancient scholarship initiative put together by Clarendon and Oxford University to   encourage students /scholars  to achieve their academic objectives more especially in carrying out study research. Over the years Clarendon has successfully sponsor over 450 on-course scholars from around 70 different nations.

The aim of Clarendon Scholarships Fund’s purpose is to assist academically outstanding graduate students through their studies at the University of Oxford. The scholarship was initially established to sponsor overseas students, but in 2012 Clarendon saw the need to expand the scheme to accommodate students from Uk and EU

Clarendon Scholarships At University of Oxford For 2021/2022: Fully Funded Scholarship

Clarendon Scholarships At University of Oxford For 2021/2022: Fully Funded Scholarship

About Clarendon Scholarships At University Of Oxford

Host Institution:                                    University of Oxford

Country                                                   United Kingdom

Number of scholarship                        130

Duration of Study                               2Years

Level of Study                                   MPhil or BPhil, or One-year degrees, such as MSc, MSt, MBA or MFE.     

Field of Study                               Clarendon supports scholars from across the University, with no restrictions on subject area. Check for all the courses available: ttps://

Target Group                     International Students, EU and UK Student  

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Scholarship Value

Clarendon scholarships will cover course fees in full.  This applies to both UK, EU and International  fee status students.  Scholars/ Students on a full-time course will receive an annual grant for living expenses of at least the minimum Research Council doctoral stipend rate, which is normally sufficient to cover all the living costs of a single student living in Oxford, in Uk. In 2021-22, successful applicant will receive at least £15,609.

Clarendon Scholarships Partnerships Awards

Clarendon has many valued partners throughout Oxford and beyond, who through their generous support, enable us to fund as many as 40 additional scholarships each year. In the 2020-21 cohort, Clarendon collaborated with over 150 partnership awards providing an additional £7.2m to support new scholars. Every year, the majority of Clarendon scholars are funded by Clarendon and one or more of our partners. In 2020-21, 79% of the cohort received a college partnership award.

Further information about Clarendon Scholarships 


Clarendon scholarships are highly competitive, prestigious and sought-after. The scholarship fund helps to reduce the financial predicament that may stand in the way of the best students, from any part of  the world, coming to study at Oxford.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants is expected to fulfill all the underlisted criteria to be eligible for Clarendon scholarships:

  • There are no restrictions by nationality or country of ordinary residence.
  • Candidates applying to start a new DPhil or Master’s course at Oxford are eligible. This includes students who are currently studying for a Master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil or applying for a second Master’s course.
  • Clarendon scholars are selected for their outstanding academic merit and potential.
Application Procedures

 All applicants is expected to visit the Oxford University Scholarship website and navigate the Clarendon Scholarship section, to create account using a valid email address, you are advised to apply during January period to stand a chance of selection.