The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ICESCO) will start receiving applications for the post of “Expert at Science and Technology Sector  see also COPEN Recruitment for ND holders

Objectives of Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (ICESCO)

  • Contributing to the efforts and events supporting,
  • Promoting and sharing expertise,
  • Transferring knowledge, sciences and technologies necessary to ensure capacity-building,
  • Develop the culture of technological development and innovation, and use advanced technologies in such a way as to achieve sustainable economic development in Member States.

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Tasks of Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (ICESCO)

  • Entrenching the culture of technological development and innovation, and proposing general plans, programmes and activities related to societal development in Member States
  • Holding regular meetings with prominent scientists and experts in this field, and networking scientists from all Member States
  • Supervising the development of programmes and strategies likely to respond to the future needs of the Islamic world
  • Developing mechanisms and tools of capacity-building and technology transfer
  • Any other tasks falling within the framework of his/her competence

(ICESCO) JOB Qualifications and requirements

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All intending applicants should posses the following :

  • Must have a post-graduate degree (M.A. degree or PhD) in a speciality that is compatible with the post’s tasks and duties.
  • Must have recently conducted research works and published articles in the field of science and technology.

Professional experience:

  • Must have not less than one year of International action experience and six (06) years in the development of ST policies and programmes.
  • Must be less than 55 years of age at the date of signing the employment contract.
  • Must be a nationality of one of the member states of the organization

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  • Good command of at least two of ICESCO’s working languages ie. Arabic, English and French.

Skills and competencies

  • Must have good computer skills.
  • Must have good Communication Skills.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Must be expertise in managing a team ie, developing their skills and inspiring them to succeed
  • Must posse good Experience in fundraising with good organisational skills

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Salary, allowances and benefits for (ICESCO)

In compliance with ICESCO Personnel Regulations, the job description is as follows:

Category Expert at Science and Technology Sector
Rank P2
Grade 1
Base salary US$ 2300
Allowances for US$ 100 for each
dependent children dependent child
Family Allowance (under 23) (maximum 4 children)
Allowances for US$ 200
non-working spouse
Transportation allowance                                               US$ 300


Housing allowance                                                US$ 575


Expatriation                                    20% of the base salary
Benefits Of (Icesco) Employment
  • Reimbursement of a maximum of 75% of the annual schooling expenses for the dependent children
  • Annual paid leave at the rate of 2.5 working days per each month
  • Work hazards insurance and health insurance based on the subscription to the Medical Insurance Fund of ICESCO staff with a contribution of 3% of the base salary;
  • End-of-Service Allowance upon a contribution equivalent to 2.5% of the base salary
  • Supplementary salary equal to a one-month base salary at the end of each year.

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